Golf Assessment

Whether you have a current injury or not, we are here to ensure you can play golf to the best of your ability. We believe there are an infinite number of ways to swing a golf club, but there is only one way that fits your individualized body. Your golf swing should be efficient, which maximizes power and control, while minimizing risk of injury. In order to achieve this, we must first determine your body’s limitations. As Titleist Performance Institute Certified medical professionals, our job is to find your body’s limitations, and help improve upon those limitations to decrease compensatory mechanics throughout your swing which can lead to injury. Nobody likes injuries, especially when it takes you away from playing the game you love. But if injury does strike, we are here to help get you back on the course as soon as possible.

The VIP Experience

This members-only experience keeps your personal Physical Therapist in your back pocket, including body assessments, preventative care, rehabilitative care, pre-round warmup (stretching, dry needling, muscle recruitment, massage).


“One of the biggest hurdles of the golf fitness movement is the misconception that improving general fitness automatically improves your golf.”

Lance Gill