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Physical therapy

Providing quality, convenient mobile Physical Therapy treatment in the comfort of your home or office to help decrease pain, restore mobility, and improve function. You now can have your own personal Physical Therapist available to you whenever you need.


With concierge Physical Therapy, you don’t need to have a current injury to be seen. A highly trained Physical Therapist can help improve your overall functional mobility, balance, strength, and endurance to decrease risk of future injury.


As a Titleist Performance Institute Certified medical professional, an assessment allows us to break down your golf swing, looking at aspects in which your body limits your ability to have an efficient golf swing. From there, we can work on those body limitations.


Why Range Physical Therapy

With Range Physical Therapy & Wellness, we believe your care should not be limited to what your health insurance does and does not cover. With a cashed based practice, clients receive individualized care, treating the whole body, rather than just one part of the body. This allows the Physical Therapist full autonomy to provide high quality care for what your body needs on any given day. Most health insurances also do not cover preventative Physical Therapy. A cashed based approach allows the ability to improve beyond a person’s prior level of function, providing instruction and care for decreasing risk of future injuries.


What to Expect

Each visit is individually centered around achieving your goals. Each session is tailored to how you are presenting that day and what your body can tolerate on that specific day. We also recognize that as you make improvements, your goals will change and you will want to work on other facets of your health, which we can continue to shape and mold your plan of care together. This is your health care and we want to ensure you are maximizing your potential.


Our Mission

Our mission is you. Concierge Physical Therapy allows the opportunity for you to get care beyond the limits of insurance. This gives you the ability to have your very own Physical Therapist available as you need. We strive to know you, your body, and your environment, maximizing your ability to live life to the fullest.


About Dr. Jordan Fred

I grew up in Oregon, living a very active and athletic lifestyle. I knew from when I was in high school that I wanted to be a Physical Therapist, helping others recover from injury, restore motion, and improve functional mobility. I received a Bachelor’s of Arts from Greenville University, and continued my education, receiving a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from Regis University here in Denver. I am certified through KinetaCore’s Functional Dry Needling, Level II. I am also Titleist Performance Institute Certified. I enjoy spending time with my wife and our furry friend, exploring what Colorado has to offer through golfing, hiking, skiing/snowboarding, hunting, and fishing.


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